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General Advice and Counsel Regarding Workplace Issues

General Advice and Counsel Regarding Workplace Issues

General Advice and Counsel Regarding Workplace IssuesFrom time-to-time employees may need guidance regarding certain workplace issues. It’s no secret that almost all employees occasionally experience issues getting along with or communicating with a coworker or manager. At times, you may feel unsure if the issues or mistreatment crosses the line into unlawful conduct—especially if your employer’s human resources department does not seem to provide any solutions. Or your employer may be so small that they do not have a human resources department. Even worse—the person you are having issues with is your direct boss and may even be the owner of the Company. This is a typical situation in which you may want to speak with an experienced employment law attorney.

Whether you are experiencing unlawful conduct or just unprofessional conduct, having an advocate on your side to help you work through these issues can make a big difference. Oftentimes, having an attorney advocate for you while you are still employed can result in positive changes within your workplace, or if you desire separation from the company—this can help facilitate it. Other times, you may not wish to involve an attorney directly for any number of reasons.

Communicating With Employer About Workplace Issues

If you require assistance communicating with your employer regarding workplace issues, requesting an accommodation, requesting medical leave, or discussing any number of issues—you may feel like you need guidance. It can help to have an attorney on your side, “behind the scenes,” who can advise you on the best approaches to these discussions and assist you in using key verbiage to get your message across effectively. One service that San Francisco employment law attorney Melody Rissell Leonard occasionally offers to her clients is “ghostwriting.”

Essentially, Melody can draft correspondence that you can send to your employer. This can help you more effectively communicate your request for any number of things—requests for workplace accommodations, workplace investigations regarding harassing conduct, requests for medical leave, requests for guidance and/or training, among other things.

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